Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Auto: Pilot, Erotic, - Mated

Hey there. It's me - your friendly law school blogger. I know, it's been awhile. It is a funny thing: Now that I have more free time to blog, blogging has lost some of its appeal. I've been thinking: "do people really care what milestones my kid achieved or what color I painted my kitchen?" Even my closest friends are not interested in the minutiae of my life; they want the edited the version, the horn book, if you will.

Recently, I accused a friend of being an observer in her own life. My friend takes her camera everywhere she goes to capture every single moment of her children's lives. It's worrisome, this unchecked camera wielding but, admittedly, very handy as I have been the recipient of several excellent photographs of my own children. Still, I think it's odd that my friend would rather observe her life than live it.

Blogging feels a bit like that sometimes. Happily, I have broken the habit of Blog Post thinking. I don't compose blog posts in my head while hanging out with friends nor do I seek ways to create a blog post from the ordinary. I don't want to bore you, reader. I want to write interesting posts and not merely recite what has occurred in my life. I don't know if I can or whether this is the right forum for it. Some rebranding may be in order.

I do still Twitter. I spend more time there than here. Twitter is a faster conduit than blogging. People will tweet something before they have a cogent blog post to accompany it. I am an avid tweeter but only because it's easier than blogging. It's like choosing to masturbate instead of having intercourse with your partner. Masturbation is quick and easy. No foreplay required. Intercourse requires more energy, attention to the other persons needs, and it takes a much larger chunk of time.

Eventually, I will be ready to resume intercourse. Look! I have made a first step towards you, reader. It's only a matter of time until I resume posting three or even four (!) times a week. Hopefully, it will be meaningful stuff. Naturally, I will continue twittering as it pleases me but I am talented. I can multitask.


Catherine said...

I still love your blog!

I went into talk to Admissions at Seattle U and it went very well. I was surprised, but feel a lot more at ease about applying. In my head I'm certain I can't reach the criteria required or write a savvy admissions plea.

I'm excited it went so well and anxious to get going, but glad it's still a year away. Whew. I admire you a lot because all of this is no small feat.

Cat said...

I miss your blog! I hope you enjoyed the summer!

LawMama said...

I also miss reading your blog. I am hopeful that you'll come back soon, as I am *trying* to follow in your footsteps and attend law school this coming fall. I've linked you on my blog:

Happy New Year!

Maya Missaghi said...

Hello there! Thank goodness i thought to google "moms in law school"! This is great! I have a 13m.old, and I'd like to start law school fall 2011. You are very encouraging with 3 kids and a blog :) Thanks for doing this.