Wednesday, March 8, 2006


There is something about having children that totally fucks up a person's ability to multi-task. B.C. (Before Children), I was THE most organized person from my home down to my pocketbook. After baby #1, I was still doing alright. My little Palm Pilot kept all my appointments in perfect order and could recall them for me at the touch of a button. I regularly met with friends for bagels or coffee with baby in tow.

Then, along came baby #2. Things started to get a little more crazy because I was working full-tme at that point but my house was still clean and my Palm Pilot was still keeping me on track.

Then, the shit hit the fan when I had baby #3. I sat on the Palm Pilot and it was obliterated under the weight of my derriere. So, there I was without a buoy to keep me floating through each day. Now, I frequently run late for or miss appointments, altogether. My house stays clean only through a tremendousamount of effort. Somedays, the cleaning just doesn't get done, which is okay with me. I try not to schedule any appointments during the day or the evening for that matter because my day is too hectic and evenings....well, I like my sleep too much. So, where does that leave me? Doing a whole lotta nothin', actually because planning outings even to the library with three munchkins is a LOT of work.

Honestly, I don't see how my other friends with children schedule separate activities for each of their kids. What a headache! No way. If kid #1 is doing pottery, then guess what ALL of them are heading to pottery class. It's just easier on us moms.

There was a minivan advertisement a few years back that points out the irony of the phrase "Stay-at-home-mom" because anyone that IS one or HAS been one, knows that we don't get to stay at home too frequently. I think being a SAHM is so much harder than going to work. Madhubby only has to get himself dressed, fed and out the door. I've got three + me to get into the mini. Some mornings, only the kids who's getting dropped off at school is clean, fed and fully clothed. Hey, nobody else is getting outta the car, so slippers are a-ok., maybe I'm not really disorganized. I'm just more efficient (yeah, that's it!) at separating the chaff from the wheat. Or the kid who must be clean from the kid who can wait a half hour til we get back home.

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