Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Granny Gear: It's Not Just For Sissies

I live in a pedestrian city. At any given moment, you will see more peds than motorists. Oftentimes, when Madhubby and I are out and about, we see cyclists using the "granny gear." Usually, the cyclists feet are a blur because he (or she) is pedaling so furiously, but the person doesn't seem to make much progress because they are granny-gearing-it. Every time Madhubby sees a granny-gearer, he comments:Why would anyone ride in the Granny gear? I don't know why just anyone would use the granny gear but I know why Mommas do. It's because we're hauling 70 pounds of kid (in my case) and the damn bicycle trailer! Momma's legs get a little tired after awhile and - aside from getting off the bike and pushing it home - the granny gear is the next best thing. It's a reprieve for burning quads. It's almost as sweet as coasting downhill and doing no pedaling . Almost.

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