Monday, May 8, 2006

WWBBD: What Would Brian Boitano Do?

I have a lawschool friend, whom we'll call Lisa, whose wedding Madhubby and I were eagerly anticipating because Lisa and her fiance are a lot like us and meeting couple friends with whom we immediately click is an amazing thing, indeed. We get the wedding invitation, RSVP'ed that we would definitely be there. I even spoke to Lisa on the phone to confirm that she received our reply. She did. Well, the wedding was about two days away when Madhubby's Midwestern cousins, who had never been out to visit us and who had just had a new baby, decided, yup, they'd come to visit us -- on the same day we were supposed to attend Lisa's wedding. We didn't attend the wedding. Instead, we had horrible Mexican food at a horrible, pink restaurant with entirely too many other tourist types and I felt like a shitheel for missing the wedding. Oh, and we didn't tell Lisa that we weren't going to make it. And, I missed her wedding shower because the invitation didn't get to me until the day after the shower (that's a moving story for another time). I've seen her once since the wedding, which was a year ago, and it was an awkward exchange.

So, today, I get an e-mail from Lisa giving us her new e-mail address because she's graduating from law school this weekend (dammit!) and wants everyone to stop using her school address and switch over. Okay, fine. So, should I take her inclusion of me in the e-mail to mean that everything is cool with us and she still considers herself my friend? Should I e-mail her back and explain to her why we missed her wedding and that I (still) feel like a shitheel for missing it? WWBBD?

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Ella said...

I have just exactly the same problem, just the topic isn't skipping wedding. Our opinions differ about literature, or my writing, to be exact. It's my pet peeve and I'm very sensitive about that. We know each other's emails and it's a great opportunity to drop a line just to say hi and start bridging the gap because moments I feel I need a good broom in..the ear:) instead of wasting precious time. Communication has never been so in favour for people before! But I don't know what's putting us off...perhaps, hurt pride? I'd say you should email her and explain everything. Perhaps, this email is her try to see if you're still there?