Monday, May 22, 2006

No Free Lunch

Despite consciously trying to decrease the frequency with which we dine out, we still managed to spend $545.70 eating out this month. Ack! And the month isn't even over, yet. We've still got to get through Memorial Day with it's requisite barbecue and beer!

In my last post, I extolled the benefits of staying home with my children, not the least of which is creating home-cooked crockpot creations. Well, my crockpot saw very little action during the month of May. It's my fault. I can go great guns with cooking for awhile and then I just get tired of doing it. I don't want my chicken enchiladas. I want the Rio's chicken enchiladas. Yes, mine may be better (according to my adoring family) but theirs are just as good. And, there are no kids or cats hanging about to interfere with the cooking process. I can relax, enjoy a margarita (or two) and not worry about whose turn it is to scrub dirty dishes that night. Often, this fantasy gets out of control and lands us $500 to the bad.

So, Madhubby and I have decided to tackle this problem head-on. Obviously, eating out is our "Latte Factor" but we've gotta eat. I hate cooking every single meal and it's unlikely that Madhubby is going to take over the dining duties anytime soon.

Our plan is simple: I will cook four days of the week and Madhubby will be responsible for the other two days of the week. On the seventh day, we will have leftovers. On my cooking days, I will cook meals large enough to last for two meals. In this way, I will only have to prepare two actual meals. Madhubby can cook what he likes on his two days. I have a feeling it will be something easy like his infamous "Meat Surprise" or BLT's. No matter. The kids will eat anything. And me? Well, thank goodness for PB&J.

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