Wednesday, May 24, 2006

All Day Olie

Seriously, I really don't know how my children make it through the day in one piece. My own mother gave me props (once) for being able to dodge the behavioral cowpies my children throw my way. Olie and Bubba create such a swirl of shit during my day as to render any normal mother homicidal. Yet, I take it all in stride and look forward to a day in my very near future: All Day Kindergarten. There Olie can try her tricks and work her magic with Ms. ______. Meanwhile, I'll be camped out on the sofa with Bubba or pedaling him (solo!!) in the bike trailer. Ahh....bliss. I've just got to make it through the summer. Therein, lies the problem. Especially on days like this one:

"Olie, what are you eating?"

"Something minty" (waaay to nonchalantly)

"WHAT are you eating?!" (Louder, now. You know, in case she didn't hear me even though she's standing two inches away)

LOUD swallow then "Nothin'"

"Ok. What were you eating" (I'm now highly annoyed by her five year old verbal joust)


Lovely. She's now had her lifetime does of fluoride and tartar control. All that's left now is to save her from the pole and my job as her mom is done.

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