Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm a Stitchin' Bitch

Knitting is my secret passion but I'm not very good at it. I am a loose knitter. A sloppy knitter. A sometimes unenthusiastic knitter. But, still I try. I recently crafted a bag as a present for Lizzie's birthday. It didn't come out quite right but it is recognizable as a bag. Not the messenger bag it should be but the hobo bag I always knew it could be. I think she'll love it because I made it especially for her and she's only ten.

My next projects are a baby blanket, a herbal satchel, a baby beanie hat and baby booties in a lovely mint color. Well, I don't actually think the color is very lovely but I'm making the gift for (a) someone else and (b) for someone whom I don't like very much. My mom always said it's the thought that counts, anyway.

So, I think enough of this person to craft the gifts for her new baby but not enough to shell out seven dollars per skein for a non-mint color. Like Lizzie, I think my ex-friend will be happy with the gifts because I made them especially for her and she has no friends. Those two things combine remarkably well to make a very grateful person.

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