Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Birds Ate The Bees

Up until now, I thought a bird feeder was an essential part of any garden. Of course, that was before I installed a feeder filled with (apparently) yummy birdseed and this special pressed bird food that looks a lot like bread. The first few days the feeder was up we got nothing. Not one bird. Today? The place is packed! Everywhere I look there are birds -- robins, blackbirds, even squirrels! Some patiently wait on the fence for their turn. Others crowd in threatening to upend the feeder. The soothing sounds of birds has turned into a cacophony of squawking: "Hey, Joe, the bread stuff's ova here!"

I feel like I'm living a Hitchcockian thriller. You know the one. When the yummy seed is all gone, the birds will turn on me and peck at my eyes until I give them more. And, all I wanted was a peaceful garden. The bird feeder may have to go. Or, maybe I'll just let the cats out to roam.

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