Monday, June 26, 2006

White Lies

Most of the time Madhubby is a great guy. He's handsome, funny and sincere. Oh, and he's a super dad. No, really. But, then there are those times when he's just stupid.

I caught him red-handed this morning. I actually saw him do something and I questioned him about it. Instead of 'fessing up, he took the low road and lied to me. Sure, it was a white lie, to save his own skin, but the act itself wasn't even mildly abhorrent to warrant any sort of lie. So, why do it? I know you're lying. You know you're lying. And it just weakens the marriage.

Despite Cosmo's attempts to justify male deception, I'm still not buying it. Men lie because they can. Oh, sure, women lie too, but this isn't a post about my wife. It's about my husband so let's stay on track, shall we? I think if women demanded that men be honest or face the consequences then fewer men would do it. It's simply about finding something that is important enough to them that they will choose truth over deception. For some guys, it's sex. Again, this is a post about men and for most guys sex is a powerful currency in their relationships. Thus, it becomes a bargaining chip. Take away sex and you just might take away his motivation for lying. However, in order for this to work, all women have to demand honesty. Otherwise, he'll just go to someone who doesn't mind the occasional lie.

Shut up, Cosmo readers with your dribble about using sex for power. Sex is power. Throughout history men have fought wars for no other reason than sex. Remember that broad, Helen, from Troy?

So, women we need to be less Britney Spears and more Alex Forrest. And guys, next time your woman catches you in a lie, just think about Alex. It may just give you a whole different perspective.

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