Sunday, June 4, 2006

Yard Sale Failure

I cannot yard sale. I've always been horrible at it. I either over price my items or I don't have enough items. And, I always plan to yard sale at the last minute, thereby, sealing my yard sale fate. Yard-saling (is that even a proper verb?) is one thing that I cannot do. I'm sure there are others, but my recent failure stings the most.

I've been thinking about having a yard sale -oh - about everyday, which is how often I pile more stuff from storage into my basement. So, Friday night, I decide that I will have a yard sale the next day. How hard can it be? I've done it before (with the same rate of failure) but this time I had a plan: to sell ice-cold drinks on a 90+ degree day. How could I go wrong, you ask.

I was up until the wee hours making signs, which leftover drywall is great for by the way, and pricing my items. I bought three cases of cola, some ice and borrowed a folding table. I was in business. Sort of.

The sale was to take place Saturday morning, 8a-12p. So, Madhubby and I get the kids all sorted out, grab our chairs and wait for the customers to show up. And we waited. And waited some more. Finally, our first real customer shows up (neighbors who take pity on you and buy stuff don't count as real customers. We have a tv priced at $30, which is a steal for a 20" cable-ready, color tv with remote control. He wants the tv for $20. I counter with $25 and in broken English he tells me that he's unemployed. A sob story at a garage sale? I figure the guy must be telling the truth. Yeah, right. He buys the tv, a cordless drill, some games and a drink for - wait for it - $30!! He was obviously more prepared for yard saling than I was.

We had a few more stragglers but I'm still stuck with 90% of the crap I hauled from the basement to the garage. Some stuff got donated. The rest, I will try to hawk on craigslist. We have enough cola left to last us until Fourth of July. So, should I have another yard sale? Not on your life.

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