Thursday, June 1, 2006

To The Dearly Departed...

My friend, Herbie, was a good egg. Although Herbie wasn't flashy or sexy, he was dependable and reliable. I could count on Herbie in a snowstorm; he was a warm hug on many a rainy day. I will miss his keen sense of payday and how he always needed something around that time. I will miss his bubble-butt, his bug eyes, and his hauling capabilities. He kept my children safe. He kept me motoring along. And, finally, he made the ultimate sacrifice for our family: he put himself between a sleeping Madhubby and a utility pole. The pole won but Herbie is still my hero. My dear friend, Herbie, you were the best mini there ever was. Please, be kind to your fellow minivans in the scrap yard and remember: we are all Porsches on the inside.

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