Thursday, August 31, 2006

Do the Hustle

We all went back to school last week - the kids to their new neighborhood school and I to the hellhole that is law school. So far, so good. I've already missed two days of class, which is to be expected since I actually have a family. Not like the other trustafarians with whom I share breathing space and wi-fi.

The first day I missed class for Lizzie's Back to School night. Madhubby was supposed to go to Olie's BTS night but....let's just say he missed. Anyway, Lizzie's at a new school this year so I felt that my attendance at the annual BTS event was required. It's really a good thing that I went, too. Now, I know exactly how poor our neighborhood school is.
And, I also have a clearer understanding of why our high school is declining. Only about twenty percent of the parents showed up and none of them had questions for the teacher. WTF?! Last year - at the Math & Science Focus School - all the parents showed up for back to school night AND they hung around for some time afterward to chat with the teacher. Nope, you'd think there was a "Matlock" rerun going on the way these folks bolted for the door when the teacher "dismissed" us.

So, needless to say, I'm in a mild state of panic about next year. Middle school is a major stepping stone for all of us and, being the Type A parent that I am, I want to get it right for Lizzie. And right now sending her to a middle school that doesn't seem to be teaching its students the skills needed to catapult the high school's rating from "declining" to at least "high" isn't an option. Looks like my happy days of walking the girls to school are numbered.

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