Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wrapped in Plastic, It's Fantastic!

Yesterday was the first day of classes for me. School officially started Monday but since I hate Mondays and adore Fridays, I have classes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It works well for me. Initially, I enrolled in day classes but switched over to evening classes in order to forego leaving Bubba in the care of someone else. I'm only taking two classes so it's a nice easy pace. After all, I am trying to launch a business and raise a family. Hmm...this may be why people think I'm insane.

Last evening's Intellectual Property class (IP) was particularly interesting. We were treated to Barbie Girl. On a projection screen with a state of the art sound system. Everyone who passed by our classroom wanted a piece of that action. But, it's law school, so we were learning and not dancing on the desks. Though, our professor did encourage us to shake our respective groove thangs. In all seriousness, though, our professor posed an interesting question: Is the uploading of videos to YouTube and the subsequent distribution that comes of it - copyright infringement? I won't bore you with the law. Instead, I will give you the standard law school answer: it depends. Stay tuned for more insightful analysis.

Remedies is going to be a good class. Nice professor. Nice top floor view. Remedies could be an excellent class if my wireless internet connection were correctly configured.

Nevertheless, no one can dispute the study of the law will help me be a better business person. I have access to information that non-lawyer folks just don't have. Important stuff like how copyrights and patents really work. And how to protect my rights as an artist - something in which I am very interested. I plan to take a variety of other courses to round out my business law pursuit: Agency, Partnerships & the LLC and International Business Transactions (just in case I ever move to Europe). Either way, the knowledge I learn in law school will serve me for years to come. And, to top it off, I'm actually excited to go to class because I now view my legal education as a means and not an end! Onward, ho!

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