Thursday, September 21, 2006

If You Wanna Be Happy

For the rest of your life, find yourself a Handyman and make yourself his wife!

I think that's how the song really oughta go! Madhubby was hardly handy when I met him - he was living the bachelor life in a tiny apartment and really there is no need to be handy when you can call the Super. But, five cats, one dog, three kids and one demanding wife later, he's had to hone his skills a bit. Our most recent project: kitchen remodel.

I think every thirty-something homeowner experiences a kitchen remodel at some point in his or her life. It has almost become a rite of passage. Especially with home prices skyrocketing in the last few years. Who can afford to buy a house with everything exactly the way you would like it to be? Not us. Hence, the kitchen remodel.

Ever the frugal homemaker, my task was to get the materials we needed for a lot less than retail. So, off to the Habitat for Humanity Restore where I found a great bargain and got brand new slate countertops, a Kohler cast iron sink and a beautiful coordinating backsplash all for $15.50:

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