Monday, September 25, 2006

The Hallmark Conspiracy

Can someone please tell me what this whole "National Family Dinner Night" thing is all about? Are families only being required to eat dinner together on this day because God knows the other 364 days don't matter all that much? Have our lives gotten so complicated that something as simple as eating dinner as a family has to be declared a national holiday?

We always eat dinner as a family except on rare occasions when Madhubby and I have a "date," which means he and I eat dinner together either before or after the kids do and then we spend the time chatting in the family room while the kids eat theirs. I know its not a "real" date but we have a busy household so we take comfort in the little things.

I think parents who don't make the time to come together as a family are the same people who complain about their children being distant or not wanting to spend time with them when the kids become older. I saw a Dad at the soccer game this weekend chatting away on his cellphone the entire time. I guess he's slightly better than the parents who just drop their kids off at the field and return after the game.

Hey! You, with the bluetooth-enabled headset: Your kid knows that he or she is not your number one priority and one day out of 364 ain't gonna make it right. So, forgive me if I don't think this new bogus holiday is the best thing since Ward and June Cleaver but pick up fast food, grill or just make sandwiches. Whatever it is, though, make a commitment to yourself and to your family to not just be there but to actually be present.

Instead of celebrating National Family Dinner Night, I choose to celebrate a sweet improvement to the family dinner:


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