Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Strung Out

My piano buzzes. It's not a persistent buzz. It's a B Flat buzz and I don't like it. The piano tuner was out last month to fix a different buzz caused by an errant staple pressing against the strings. His advice: replace all your strings. Four weeks in the shop and 2Gs later, we'll have a (sorta) new piano.

So, why the delay? The buzz is bothering me. It's bothering Lizzie. And, now it seems as though we might have a pedal issue. We love the piano. It's a big old antique box that still has amazing pitch. It's made from a rare and beautiful ribbon mahagany. So, two grand isn't a lot for this piano.

The replacement cost for something similar would be five times as much. But, the cash we have set aside isn't for new strings. It's for fun stuff. Like this. So, we'll just keep our fingers crossed that a string doesn't break and, in the meantime, we will learn to love the buzz.

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