Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hey, Buddy, Can You Spare $7787

The fifth graders fell 599 boxes short of their fundraising goal. Their target of 1500 would have netted them the amount they needed for all eighty children to attend the Outdoor Education program next spring.

Now, I don't know what will happen. I expect the kids will each get a mini-grant and parents will be responsible for paying the difference, which will be difficult for some of the families on fixed incomes. The worst case scenario -- and by far the most unfair -- is that none of the kids will get to go on the camping trip. My MIL thinks this is a fine idea since "kids can go outside and play. They don't need Outdoor Education." Okay, then.

I think the PTA should kick in the difference. Some of the fault does rest with the fifth grade teachers for putting all their eggs -- or cookies -- in one basket. I suggested some other great fundraising ideas (as did other parents) but none of those were chosen. The teachers decided to go with cookie dough because they raised 18k three years ago. But, now, our kids are short the money they need and there are no easy solutions. Only hard choices.

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