Friday, October 20, 2006

Week Rounded Out - 10.20.06

I went to the gym today, which was a hot ass mess because the childcare people locked me out of the room and would not let me in to get my child who was screaming. I know they thought I was a damn fool but you don't get between a momma and her baby. No way. No how.

Lizzie had a fantastic field trip, today! She visited the Denver Center Performing Arts and had the opportunity to participate in an artist's workshop. She also had great soccer practices this past week. I didn't get to see any of them because I actually went to class. I know. It's amazing.

Because I went to class last week, we didn't celebrate Bubba's birthday on Tuesday. So, tonight we will have cake and gifts and everyone will be sufficiently overloaded on sweets by the end of the night.

Our ugly tree finally shed its leaves, so it will be another weekend of raking. The girls will be very excited to do their part and we might even get around to doing some fun Fall things like roasting pumpkin seeds. My case books will probably definitely be very neglected this weekend.

My friend lost her brother to alcoholism this past week. He was only 43. She's heading east this weekend to his funeral and she plans to make the most of the New England Fall. I wish her well with both endeavors.

And, finally what the fuck is wrong with Stingrays? They don't seem very "docile." One rogue ray already claimed Steve Irwin. Just more proof that something in the world is seriously awry.

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