Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Charmed Life

It's so amazing how once a decision is made - like living from the heart - how things begin to fall into place. Before I took a break from school, I had a paid internship at a prominent local non-profit. They were very understanding about my need to take some time off and promised to hold a position for me. I got in touch with them a few days ago, got a quick e-mail response that my position is still available and they would love for me to return.

The wonderful part is that I genuinely like working there. I have my own office. The kitchen is always stocked with tea, sodas, and other fresh-baked goodies. And, my supervisor trusts me. She gives me a project and lets me run with it. As long as I give her weekly updates, she's fine with me working in the office or out of my living room; she knows I have children and I made it clear in the interview that I need flexibility. She also appointed me to every committee on which she serves, so I've met a lot of non-profit lawyers and other community leaders who are all very committed to doing good work.

As if all this good fortune wasn't enough, my parenting column is going really well. It started out as a trial run, but they've asked me to write two more. As long as I don't muck it up, I think it may be an on-going gig. Here's to living from the heart. Huzzah!

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