Friday, November 17, 2006

Public Transportation

Since Madhubby and I share a car, we've had to work out a system, which basically boils down to whomever has the children gets the car. Simple. And, it works.

The fun part for me is taking public transportation every evening after class. Two bus rides and one train ride later, I'm home. Aside from the oh-so-fun task of transferring a gazillion times, are the conversations on which I get to eavesdrop:

College Girl #1: OH MY GOD! I have to write a six page paper for my class and do a Powerpoint presentation all by myself.

College Girl #2: OH MY GOD! That's so much work. I feel so bad for you.

Six pages? Are you kidding me? I would love to write only a six-page paper. And, you know that shit is double-spaced, so it's really more like three pages. I was an English major, so I know how easy it is to crank out a paper. Honestly, I don't even know if my professors read them; I've handed in some papers I thought were fit for the shredder but the professor considered it worthy of an "A." Go figure.

College Girl #3: Yeah. I'm taking Psychology and Sociology this semester.

College Girl #4: Wow. That's hard.
College Girl #3: Yeah, definitely not recommended.

Psychology and Sociology are some of the easiest classes to take. Ever. In 2003, my undergrad school was the No. 1 party school in the country; It consistently ranks in the top five "Party Schools" as determined by the Princeton Review. The top majors at my Alma Mater are open-option (code for "my parents made me come to college"), followed closely by Psychology. I think If CU students can pass Psych classes, stoned and drunk off their asses, then a sober co-ed should have no problem.

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