Friday, November 17, 2006

Week Rounded Out - 11.17.06

This week has been a bit tough. Bubba has the flu, which means he's been crankier than usual and I have been more tired than usual. Lizzie missed piano because there was no way I was taking Bubba out feeling like he does. No worries. She's been practicing every morning and after school and knows her recital pieces by memory. She's even managed to pen a few songs of her own.

She also performed in a Constitution play, yesterday, and there was a mad dash to ensure she (a) looked like a man and (b) remembered all her lines. She succeeded on both accounts.

School is winding down for me, which is nice, because my life is full enough without the added pressure of classes. The whole registration fiasco apparently didn't just affect me. So many students complained, that the Dean of Student Affairs organized a town hall style meeting to address scheduling concerns. I didn't attend the meeting, but I have my own issue brewing about Constitutional Law.

In a nutshell, I took Con Law I in Fall 2005, withdrew in Spring 2006, Deans changed the requirement for Con Law to one four-credit class instead of two three-credit classes. The catch is the class is only available to first years. So, those of us who took the first part but not the second part of Con Law? Screwed. Completely. I don't get credit for taking Con Law unless I take the new four-credit class, which I can't register for because I'm not a first year. Yeah. I wasted $3000 taking a class that no longer counts towards my degree and I have to kiss major ass at the registrar to be enrolled in the Con Law section of my choice. Lemme tell ya, it's just so much fun!

Also, this weekend Lizzie is spending the night at a friend's house and I have some concerns. Aside from this friend barely being able to read (I am completely serious, here), the friend's mom is a crack head (mom is homeless and doesn't live there) and the dad is on house arrest. Actually, I'm way past concerned. I'm in panic mode. The step-mom seems normal but you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Lizzie was visibly confused when I told her she would be sleeping over at her friend's house, since I had previously told her she would never get to sleep over there; her friend was always to come to our house until I could find out why her dad was on house arrest. But, the step-mom invited Lizzie over while we were all standing there. What was I going to do? Um, no thanks, we have enough dysfunctional people in our lives right now. Yeah, I'm sure that would have gone over swell.

Still, the more I think about it, the more I think Lizzie won't be staying over there this weekend. Crappy, petty behavior on my part? Maybe. I'm sure there is a lesson to be taught here, but I just can't see it for the missing teeth and the prison stripes.

***UPDATE: I wasn't kidding about the prison stripes. House Arrest Dad has been in jail three times and was set to go, again, but made a deal for house arrest instead. Apparently, he likes to do drugs, get liquored up and go for a drive. It's earned him jail time, no drivers license and ancillary consequences his family probably never even contemplated.

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