Thursday, November 9, 2006

Registration Proclamation

My number is up. Today is school registration day. Of course, I don't get to register until much later, but I've been obsessing about registration since the spring schedule was released a few weeks ago. My obsession stems from one major issue and one twenty-five-month-old one.

The major issue: lack of funds. I am already maxed out on government-backed student loans, so the only hope left is some scholarship dough. But, scholarships for the 2006-07 school year have already been awarded and, you guessed it, I'm not on the list. Of course, I didn't apply because between my mother self-destructing and family responsibilites, I just couldn't quite get a personal statement together. Go figure. So, I am about 5k short of the funds I need to complete the classes I must take in order to progress to 3L.

The other mini issue is Bubba. I can either put him in daycare, which I can't really afford, right now, or continue taking evening classes, which means I get home well after the children are in bed for the night plus I have the added bonus of extreme fatigue during class. I'm finally beginning to think that parenting of small children and law school are a bad mix. Most days, I feel like throwing in the towel. Other days, I just stay home and sleep.

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