Sunday, November 12, 2006

Scenes from Sunday

We had a great relaxing, family weekend. Despite Olie's perpetually runny nose and Bubba's defiant independence, we were actually able to leave the house and do fun, normal family activities. No kids were lost and no innocent by-standers were permanently scarred. It was definitely a good weekend.

Early morning snow almost discouraged us from taking advantage of a free day at the zoo, but we bundled the kids up and trekked to Denver, anyway. The snow cleared up before we got to the zoo and we enjoyed a pleasant Autumn day, with a sparse crowd of families, and front row parking. Bonus! A lot of people waited for the sun to come out before stopping by, so lots of folks were coming in as we were leaving.

From the zoo, we made our way to Cherry Creek to check out the newest interactive snow globe exhibit. Last year, the theme was Chronicles of Narnia. This time it's all dancing penguins and fake snow in honor of Happy Feet. Definitely a must-see if you're local and you have little ones.

We grabbed some lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (all their salads are yummy), let the kids play for a bit and then headed home. We were pleasantly surprised to find the snow had started anew! Lucky for us, we were able to enjoy a lovely family outing (for practically free!). The rest of the evening was spent sipping cocoa, watching football, and listening to Bubba's best lion impressions.

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