Saturday, December 30, 2006

LawSchoolMom Wisdom #211

If a LawSchoolMom awakes at oh-dark-thirty to log some quiet, kid-free hours, her children will (1) immediately awaken, (2) be unable to go back to sleep unless they can snuggle in LawSchoolMom's bed and (3) protest (loudly) when LawSchoolMom attempts to extricate herself to do some work.

If despite their protests, LawSchoolMom is able to escape the small, grubby hands that try, within the bounds of their strength, to yank her back to the cozy comfort of bed, her children will get out of bed and follow her into her office, beseeching her, with their tiny cries, to return to bed.

A good LawSchoolMom might have a change of heart: Pshaw! I can draft that rule, tomorrow. But, Bizarro LawSchoolMom, who didn't bill any hours during the past two days, and who is a bit on the cranky side, will send the kidlets back to bed, click on PBS for their viewing pleasure, brew some more coffee, and retreat to her office.

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