Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Off To Work I Go...In My Pajamas?

First day back on the job, today. I dressed up in my nicest black suit with a dash of color, natch, hopped on a train and walked the five blocks from the train stop to work. The weather was perfect December weather: sunny and brisk but not too cold or windy. By the time I got to my building, I was perspiring a bit, but a quick freshening up in the bathroom and I was ready for my meeting.

They are concerned about my level of commitment (I reassured them I would be there at least through the summer), they want me to get started right after finals (great) and, oh yeah, you don't have an office anymore (what?!). My office space was given to someone else in my absence. Not another intern, thank goodness, because that would be the ultimate insult, but someone with a permanent position and benefits. Now, that person has my old office to round things out.

But, my super, wonderful and understanding boss already had a contingency plan for me to telecommute - she knew of the office shortage long before I arrived. Previously, I telecommuted one day per week (out of the three that I worked). Now, I can do all my hours from home or the local coffee shop/library/pub. Huzzah! And, I got a raise. I am so loving this job.

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