Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Holy Knits, Batman!

My holiday knitting is nearly done. Mostly because I am out of quick-knit ideas for people. I don't want to gift too many hats, scarves or other knits that scream easy, but I also don't have oodles of time to knit everything I would like. So, this is what I have so far:

-Fuzzy fruit bowl for no one
-Urban Mocs for my Mother
-Urban Mocs and coordinating Baby Sherpa hat for my friend's daughter
-Scarf for no one
-Potholders for my ex-inlaws (but could be a gift for someone else, too)

Fellow knitters: more suggestions, please.
One area in which I don't need anymore help is getting up in the morning. My wonderful, loving husband gently shakes me awake at 5:30a with a cheery "Honey, it's 5:30. Time to go running." What a great guy! And, brave, too, because he doesn't run, yet he still wakes up morning after morning to remind me to exercise, even though, it means he will be treated to a pillow beating from his very grumpy wife. Morning after morning. That takes some massive cojones.

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Blog Yourself said...

I don't think hats and scarves scream easy. If you are giving this to someone who can't knit they will think it is great.