Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Seven Inches and Growing

It has been snowing since early this morning, and the snow is expected to last through tomorrow afternoon. Awesome.* Thanks to the wind, the snow is coming down at a nice nearly horizontal slant, which makes it accumulate in the perfect snow-drifty way on my front walk, the rear patio and, yes, directly in front of the garage door.

At times like these, you can only do one thing: take the snow shovel in hand and start - futilely - digging out because if you don't, the snow drifts will form the bars of your soggy prison. Since Madhubby is considered an "essential employee," and was only able to leave work about thirty minutes ago, you-know-who is stuck doing said shoveling. You know, it's days like these that I (almost) miss being a renter because, contrary to popular belief, a groundskeeper, with a heavy duty Toro snow blower, is really a girl's best friend.

*Freshies on Saturday. The Subie leaves at 7am and we don't stop skiing until our legs fall off. Must love warm chili in bread bowls. No garage salers. Whose with me?

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