Thursday, January 4, 2007

Computer Savvy

She's only five years old and her eyes already have that glazed over look that Mac Heads know so well. I rocked the Apple long before it was mainstream and I still remember my first Mac with unabashed fondness. Floppy drive, external modem and heavy enough to brain an unsuspecting cat.

My genius at the bar had never even heard of the Mac Plus. How can you work at the Apple store and not know what came before you? That's like discussing judicial review without discussing Marbury v. Madison (I did well enough in my high school government class without knowing who the heck either of those people were). So, then, who is the real genius? Is it the Apple store guy because he has a knack for peddling crap or...could it - and my fellow Mac Heads - for loving Apple before iPod?

Of course, back when I had my Mac Plus I was dating a programmer-cum-hacker who taught me lots of nifty - and mostly legal - things to do with computers.

Now, I've passed the torch to my children. They will grow up to revere the Mac and despise the PC. They have a great fondness for Didi & Ditto, I SPY, and the sleek lines of the Mac, the accessory no household should be without.

*For all you fellow Mac Heads, Olie is using a Powerbook G3/333 (Lombard) that her G'Pa passed down to us when he upgraded to this. It's old, but it's running Panther and the Office Suite rather nicely, which makes it a great workstation for the kidlets.

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