Friday, January 5, 2007

Week Rounded Out - 1.5.07

This is the first recap of the New Year. Huzzah! This week has been marked by anxiety, some link love, and some law school nonsense:

My Subaru, which is one of the most reliable cars on the planet, blew its clutch this past week. $950. Even the tow truck driver was in shock because he has never towed a Subaru for mechanical reasons. A Subaru that got crushed to bits by a big ol' honkin' SUV? Yep. A Subaru whose owners thought AWD meant they could drive it up Longs Peak? Yep. But never a Subie that just went kaput, because they don't go kaput. They go for 300k miles through rain, sleet, and eighteen inches of Colorado's finest powder.

So, Subie is out of action for a bit, which means I'll have to be content with watching the latest flick by hometown favorite Warren Miller, instead of getting out there and carving it up myself. If you've never seen a Warren Miller flick (the horror!), then get thee to an indie video store or, if you're in dire straits, a Blockbuster, and rent Journey or Cold Fusion. I have seen all WMs flicks except for his most recent one, Off the Grid, which I've heard features my favorite ski haven, which I will not name here because it's the last haven from tourists. If you wanna know, then you're going to have to watch the movie.

Don't get me wrong, I like tourists (really, you guys fuel our state's economy), but I don't like you on the mountain, in blue jeans, taking long sweeping "S" turns. And, I certainly don't like you in the apres lounge grousing about how bad the skiing is, but how you still managed to "totally rip it up" out there. Yeah, whatevah.

Sarah, wonderful human being that she is, gave me some link love this week. I sent her something that I thought was pretty fun and instead of trashing it, and giving me the virtual finger, she cleared a space at her kitchen table for me. We had some coffee and some laughs. It was a good time and I was only minimally awkward.

Law school, as usual, is giving me fits. I have been able to avoid the madness until this semester. I'd heard second-year is the year they "work you to death," which might explain why I've been putting it off (subconsciously, of course) for so long. This years' flavor of madness: Five classes, one internship, one intense round of OCI, one journal competition, one parenting column, and of course three kidlet activities, which exponentially adds to my workload, but I'm not complaining. I truly do lead a blessed, if a bit crazed and sleepless, life.

The latest school rant is about the stupid waitlist policy. The Registrar actively manages the waitlist, first on a weekly basis, then on a daily basis during the drop/add period. We are currently in the drop/add period but there has been very little waitlist movement. I am number eight on the list for a class I really need, but because of the policy, I am neither allowed to attend the class nor approach the professor about letting me into the class because that is "forced registration" and against the laws of nature or some such bullsh**t." So, IF I get into the class, I will be three weeks behind everyone else because I haven't been allowed to attend or even so much as breath in the professor's general direction. Make sense? Yeah, not to me, either.

I believe it is a conspiracy of sorts: If law school administrators can make the process difficult enough, then we will succumb to their will, swallow their load of crap (and ask for more), all the while letting them cruise effortlessly into retirement. Don't rock the boat and all that jazz. Unfortunately for them, I don't just rock the boat, I obliterate the son-of-a-bi*ch.

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