Saturday, January 20, 2007


I am supposed to be working, yet I'm blogging. Blogging and billing (because I'm thinking about work, see?). I'm also thinking about how much I love my new blog template, how I should go skiing this morning, and how cool it would be to purchase a second home, like a condo in Capitol Hill or loft in Lodo, because I want an urban lifestyle without sacrificing my suburban schools.

OCI stuff is also in the back of my mind (gotta get some groovy resume paper, today) as is class work because I am on-call on Tuesday. I also have a meeting with career services on Tuesday because, after receiving my Legal Writing evaluation, they would "love" to help me get a summer position.

I think they are taking pity on me but Madhubby (should he be LawSchoolhubby, now?) thinks it's a very good sign, given the friendly rivalry my law school has with the other Colorado law school and given the fact that our career services office does not waste its resources on students who they perceive as "marginally qualified." It's a sad, sad reality of law school life and the great job hunt: Good grades and good writing ability? Come on in! Mediocre grades and below average writing ability? Here's the career services pamphlet. Check out our website and come back when you have better grades/extracurriculars/never.

I don't really care why they want to meet with me. I just want to make enough money to this summer to insulate the attic and finish the basement remodel. Oh, and maybe get some new cabinets or at least cabinet doors. That's not too much to ask, is it? Maybe this, too.

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