Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sick Daze

The past few days have been a hard fought battle against a nasty infection of some sort that, with each sneeze and cough, propels foul smelling, ochre colored excretions from my body. I'm such a good mom that I've shared my ailment with the rest of the family; Olie and Bubba are also firmly stuck in mucous hell. Contrary to my mother's staunch belief, we did not catch these colds by frolicking naked in the snow. We were wearing hats, mother!

Despite my sick haze, there has been some light: the Colts won (GO Peyton!) as did the Bears (GO Lovie!). I saw some of The Incredibles (for the umpteenth time) and caught up on some "Little House on the Prairie" viewing. You can never have too much conservative God-and-Pa-will-make-it-okay television. It is good family tv if you overlook the obvious things like procreation, birth and death all happen in a one room shack.

Tell me how that works, again? I've got 2400 square feet of house and if my children even think their dad and I might have sex, they're barging into our room demanding food, drink, attention or all three. Ma and Pa were seriously keeping it on the DL. And, Pa? How did he have the energy after working at the mill all day, working on the farm in the evening and being all up in his neighbors' business the rest of the time? Must have been that super sludge Ma was passing off as coffee. They drank that stuff 24/7. Seriously!

Thankfully, the haze is clearing because I am not sure how much more network tv (we are cable-free by choice) or home confinement I can handle. Unfortunately, because Olie is bedridden and Bubba is still blowing neon snot, that pretty much rules out going anyplace where there might be people. So, home is where we are along with the kleenex, the suction thing Bubba hates, and drams of Theraflu and Mucinex.

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