Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bauer, Bombs, and Booze

This year, television execs have really outdone themselves. In past years, Madhubby and I could never find a show that could hold our attention for more than a few episodes. We flirted with Las Vegas, but grew tired of the fluff. The Soprano's was our steady favorite until it became ridiculous and we went cable-free. So, our nights were spent watching PBS or some crappy WB show. Surprisingly, we love so many shows this season that we actually have a need for DVR. This post is the first in a multi-part series to chronicle our burgeoning tv love.

First up is '24.' We know we are late to the party but we never wanted to begin watching '24' in the middle of the season, because then we'd be totally screwed. You ever try to watch Oz in the middle of the season? It's a mind-blowing experience.

Anyway, we love the whole Jack, Marilyn, Graem, psycho Grandpa triangle - um - square. I'm so glad to see Fish (Tom Lennox) in a role that seems to both challenge and fit him like a glove. I even love that weirdo Morris. The accent, the torment. It's all good. I think we're probably the only people in the country who didn't know that Chloe (who is so annoying and rat-faced) was married to Morris.

Didn't you just love last week's episode when Morris sorta falls off the wagon and Chloe totally calls him on it? Or how about Chad Lowe giving Lennox the beat down? I didn't see that flashlight coming and neither did Tom apparently.

I am going to be so bummed if they kill off Assad, though. I know he's a terrorist but he adds some texture to the show. That other guy, Walid, can go. Regina King, I love ya girl, but you are typecast as the angry black female. It was good in Jerry McGuire and Enemy of the State, but that horse is dead. Find a role that stretches you as an actress.

I cannot wait until Monday. Will the President die? Will Assad die? Will Tom die? Questions, questions.

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