Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Coming Up For Air

My mother and her middle sis arrived in town yesterday and it was a crazy evening spent hashing out sleeping arrangements, rummaging for extra blankets, and ensuring everyone was fed and able to retreat to their favorite tv shows by the opening credits (Deal or No Deal for them; 24 for Madhubby and me).

The girls were originally going to bunk together down in the basement but my aunt has some weird fear of comfortable guest rooms, so she opted for the lumpy pullout and Olie was left with guest sheets that she proclaimed were too "boring."

This morning was a whirling dervish of activity of putting the carseat into mom's car, giving her keys and the garage opener, putting out the cat and generally trying to ensure that I wasn't too late to my 9am class. I was fifteen minutes late because I had to turn back to retrieve Olie's forgotten shoes. She hopped into the car in only her sock feet. Silly girl.

My Con Law professor was of course able to surmise, with his big brain power, that I had not done the reading. So, he called on me. I had to pass. He later referred to me and another person who also had to pass as "irresponsible." I think the caring and feeding of three children, one cat and one husband takes precedence over Substantive Due Process reading and is nothing less than extremely responsible. I also think my professor is a jackass.

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Kat said...

You were totally responsible! I would like to see him pull your last 24 hours off!! Hope everyone adjusts soon:-)