Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Real Mysteries of Lost

  • Hurley's Growing Waistline: Jorge Garcia has not lost any noticeable weight despite his long walks on the beach and frequent runs through the jungle. Maybe the island wants him to stay fat because that is how the Losties will ultimately escape: by using Hurley as a life raft!

  • Sun's Static Stomach: Yunjin Kim's character, Sun, is pregnant. Allegedly. The Sun and Jin storyline has been on hiatus so long that Sun has probably given birth by now.

  • Sawyer's Perfectly Trimmed 'stach: Josh Holloway's beard is perfect. It was neatly trimmed when he shot the burrito stand guy and it was neatly trimmed when he escaped from the other island with Kate. Me thinks Sawyer has a groomsman hidden in his secret stash.

  • Wonderful White Teeth: Jack is the surgeon but one of the other Losties must certainly be a dental hygienist because the Losties have the most beautiful white teeth. Jin's teeth are positively dazzling.

  • Miracle Mile: A van that has more rust than paint, a dead guy and some manky beer is miraculously popped into gear right before it smashes into some scary, pointy rocks because Hurley wills it? Aside from the asteroid, the fire and Libby, that Hurley is one lucky son-of-a-bitch.

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