Sunday, April 1, 2007

Chicks Dig Cars

Yesterday we went here and it wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. I was psyched to see the Subaru display but nothing really new or groundbreaking is on the horizon for Subaru. In fact, when their "car expert" launched into his spiel about how great Subarus are, we walked away because we already know how great Subarus are.

Naturally, the Jeep display was packed to the gills with gruppy dads. They all hunkered around the Jeep Wrangler, hi-fiving each other, sipping lattes from the local vendor, and reminiscing about days spent in the back country sans the wife and kids. The funny part is that eight out of ten of those guys were attached to Bugaboos or Peg Peregos. One dad was even carrying his wife's purse. So cool.

After the onslaught of grups, I followed Madhubby over to the Exotic Car display where the real machine heads were. Guys with trophy wives jockeyed for position. A precious few were allowed behind the velvet ropes to view the Maseratis, the Rolls Royces and the Bentleys. All cars with six figure price tags that those guys would have gladly traded their lives - and their wives - for.

Eventually, we made our way over to the Honda display where I ogled the new Odyssey. The power. The size. The price tag! Ay. A minivan priced at forty thou is too rich for me. Besides, the van was a bohemoth. There is no way I could parallel park that beast. Parking in a normal spot would be a challenge since the city of Boulder has carefully engineered the spots in parking lots to fit compact cars and Subarus. Anything larger, and you're (potentially) taking up two spots and asking for your car to be keyed.

All in all, the auto show was an ok way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The number of grease hounds was at a minimum. There were a lot of families with small kids. There was some swag and food to keep the kiddos (and husbands) occupied. Much to Madhubby's dismay, though, none of the women there were dressed in red bikinis and six-inch heels. We're going to the boat show this year, too, so he's keeping his fingers crossed.

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