Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth Day Meme

We live in one of the most Eco-friendly cities in the United States, which affords us many opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle. But, we are not always as Eco-conscious as we should be. I know Earth Day was yesterday, but I still I challenged myself to list ten ways in which we do our part to leave no trace:

  • We bike or walk whenever possible
  • We own a small car that fits our family
  • Madhubby commutes to work using public transportation
  • We reduced our energy consumption by making our own drying rack
  • We use less water by adhering to the let it mellow philosophy
  • We keep our programmable thermostat set at 68 degrees
  • We recycle as a family
  • We donate plastic bags and used printer cartridges to the girls' school for recycling
  • We use fabric grocery bags
Every blogger is welcome to participate because we all should be a little bit more aware of how our actions affect the ecosystem. But, I am specifically tagging some fellow Earth Mamas to share what works for them.

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