Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Frugal Tuesday Tip: Make Your Own Drying Rack

During a time when energy costs are rising faster than incomes, alternatives should be explored for conserving energy.

Over the past few weeks, temperatures in the metro area have reached into the hundreds, prompting me to make my own drying rack to (a) reduce the heat in my house; (b) take advantage of the heat outside my house; and (c) reduce our energy bill. My first thought was: wouldn't it be great if I had a clothesline?

Well, I don't have one, but with a little bit of ingenuity and some bungees, I created one. I simply strung the bungees between two post on my porch and presto-change-o a drying rack/clothesline/energy saver was created!

I hung out wet clothes in the morning and took in dry ones in less than an hour. Dry, summer fresh clothes in the same time as it takes to use the dryer but for half the cost. I love saving money and energy at the same time!

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