Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weekend Blogging

The "major snowstorm" failed to materialize, which meant every single news program ran a weather retraction report about the inaccurate science of weather prediction. Duh. I think most people already know how inaccurate weatherfolks are. Of course, flights don't usually get cancelled or grocery store shelves cleaned out when a predicted sunny day fails to show up as planned. But, you can't get them all right.

This morning was so nice that we were able to go for a long bike ride after dropping Olie at a birthday party. My mother headed back to sweet home Alabama, so it was just Madhubby, Olie and me. Total bliss. Later, we went and had all of Bubba's baby curls lopped off. He has too much of a buzz cut for my taste, but it's only hair. It'll grow back in due time.

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