Saturday, April 14, 2007

What The Fvck Did I Just Write?

Have you ever been so in the zone when writing that you completely lose sight of what you are writing and it's just clicks on a keyboard and random words on a screen? Then, you read what you wrote, which was so obviously brilliant otherwise you would not have been so into it, and you have no idea what the hell you just wrote because it makes no damn sense whatsoever?
By its own admission, the United States Supreme Court declined to apply the Sherbert test to the facts in Employment Division v. Smith. In doing so the court ignored its most recent precedent and instead hearkened back to 1878 to the applicable “belief/conduct” standard advanced in Reynolds. Why the court would ignore its own precedent and decline to apply strict scrutiny to a set of facts in which a fundamental right is obviously at issue at first appears to make little sense. However, in applying the “belief/conduct” distinction enumerated in Reynolds, the court clearly defined which type of religious conduct would receive First Amendment protection.
See what I mean?!

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