Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Wheels on the Bus

Outdoor Education is cancelled effective immediately because we have a little snowstorm a-brewing that is expected to dump twelve to eighteen inches of wet snow on us. Listen, I love snow as much as the next Coloradoan but it's April, people!

I am ready to embrace spring. My snow shovel is collecting dust in the garage. I want it to stay that way. I have tulips blooming and the cherry blossom tree outside Bubba's window is in full regalia. The birds have returned to my feeder. I can hear them twittering now: What the hell? I thought winter was over. No matter. The weather is not within my power to control. If you ask my mother, it's El Nino. Personally, I think it's the effects of Global Warming. Either way, I'm still going to have a bunch of dead tulips after this weekend.

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