Monday, May 28, 2007

Give Blood, Get a B-

I usually don't discuss or even think about grades all that much. I cram the information into my head, regurgitate it in a fairly concise and organized way, and toss the textbook into the trash bin on my way out of the exam room. Sometime between buying the following semester's texts and raising three children, I find time to check my grades.

This time was different, though, because I actually liked the class but I was completely wiped out by my paper. It got rough there for awhile. There was swearing and wine. Lots and lots of wine and swearing. Then, more wine. Grades for my seminar class were posted online on Friday and I managed to squeak out a B-.

Ugh. Not quite the mark for which I had hoped but all things considered better than where I could have landed. I know exactly where I went wrong and why I was unable to garner those other 20 points: attendance. Attendance was 30% of our grade and I blew it. I had pneumonia, kid stuff, apathy, more kid stuff. Of course, I'm assuming I got the full 70% for my paper.

While not terrible or particularly damaging to my gpa, the grade does reaffirm that I am totally incapable of adhering to stringent attendance policies.

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