Monday, May 28, 2007

Stuffed Summer

The kids' summer schedule is bursting at the seams. There is no room for even one more random class (well, maybe Yoga). I don't know how this happens. Summer after summer I have the best intentions of providing a laid-back-Countrytime-lemonade-summer and - well - it all goes to sh*t.

It started off innocently enough with a week-long soccer camp. Both girls play soccer and will play again next season, so it makes sense for them get some touches on the ball over the summer. Then, Lizzie's coach opted to participate in the summer league, so....we signed up for that too. Then I naturally assumed my two little songbirds would love to participate in a weekly performance choir. They are psyched about it.

Lizzie was planning a "break" from piano over the summer - alternating piano with violin lessons every other week - but her father (steward and benefactor of Lizzie's musicianship) put the kibosh on that idea: weekly piano and violin lessons throughout the summer. Something about declining ability and long-term breaks in playing. He's the musician, so I trust him on this one. I'm sure even you heard the groan Lizzie let out when I dropped that little nugget of information on her.

I truly am a lazy person. Really! I like to sleep in, take long naps, order takeout - all part of the lazy woman's repertoire. So, why, why do I consistently schedule all of the downtime out of our lives?

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