Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Idiots at the Genius Bar: The iPod Idiot

Remember the Mactard from my last service visit to the Apple Store? Well, that guy was a genius compared to the the guy from my most recent visit. While my poor iBook was hooked intravenously to a disk drive here and firewire plug there, in walks this guy who thinks he is such hot shit. Both he and his girlfriend are total Trustafarians*

"Dude, my iPod doesn't work. I've reformatted it twice and still won't come on."
"Did you make sure it was on?"

Two minutes go by during which the genius reformats the iPod yet again and leaves it on the firewire charger for a bit. This is what happened next: Genius unplugs the iPod, presses "play" and the iPod jumps up, and smacks its owner in the head for being such a tool and not realizing that iPods need something other than solar power to spin "Death Cab for Cutie" tunes.

Okay. Everything happened but that last bit about the iPod coming to life. It was actually me who smacked the guy in the head.

*Trust fund income + Boho lifestyle + big-ass gas-guzzling luxury SUV = Trustafarian

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