Friday, May 4, 2007

Loose Change

Since I started the day with a money topic, it seems only fitting to end the day telling you about the ridiculous amount of money I dropped at The Apple Store whilst retrieving my precious iBook:

$295 - replacement of Major Logic Board and Keyboard Assembly

$50 - Backup of all data on my hard drive in case - you know - it got erased. Turns out I didn't need a backup but I still had to pay.

$129 - Mac OS X Tiger - I HAD to upgrade in order to run ExamSoft. For the uninitiated, ExamSoft is a program that allows students to use their laptops on exam with full or limited capabilities.

My Con Law exam was a beast but I think I did pretty well. Typing instead of writing in blue books was a very nice perk.

TOTAL = $474 + some change

Far less than a new MacBook but still very, very painful. Oh, and did I mention our trusty Sony Trinitron DIED last weekend? We're another $285 light from that little mishap. But the repairman rocked! He also fixed a potentially future problem for free. How cool is that?!

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