Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Minutes To Midnight

The eagerly anticipated Linkin Park cd Minutes To Midnight dropped yesterday morning, so I hit Target early to snatch up a copy. LOVE it. The new disc is all about Chester, which is so nice because Mike S. is so annoying, though he does mix it up on the bold new tune "Bleed it Out," whose name defies it party beats; I've already added this catchy tune to my iPod gym playlist.

I'd heard the new disc was going to be a departure from LP's earlier work and it is, but it comes at a time when My Chemical Romance and AFI have already saturated the listening public with a similar sound, thus making Linkin Park's new disc just another mainstream alternative venture.

I love how one minute, Chester is low-key and melancholy on "Leave Out All The Rest," then he's right back to his roots in the one-two punch of "Given Up." Some other relatively slow tunes round out the cd and of course, the very popular "What I've Done" is there, too. A good disc by my estimation, though Madhubby thinks their last cd, Meteora, was better. Still, we both agree it's a good effort and we can't wait to see them with the fam this summer .

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