Thursday, May 10, 2007

OMG! Like He Totally Likes Me!

My girl? She's into boys. She's coming up on eleven pretty swiftly but I thought we had a good twenty years before she would be interested in boys. The Sock Hop is tomorrow night and many of the girls in her class are asking boys to the dance. My girl included. She asked a boy whose name begins with "J" via note passed by a friend of hers through the girlfriend grapevine. I now know why she squealed with delight upon seeing her new bubblegum pink poodle skirt. She wants to have THE PERFECT COSTUME for the dance and *sniff* for J, too.

I was trying to be a good little mommy in denial with my fellow moms-of-tween sisters but hiding my head in the sand is out of the question right now.

I knew something was up when her best girlfriend rang our house phone three times in about two minutes and rapid whispering ensued. Pause. Then: Mom, I asked J to the Sock Hop. Okay, that's cool, even though it MOST CERTAINLY felt a little bit uncool. She said "ok!" More rapid whispering before I broke up the girl chat and sent Lizzie downstairs to do her homework.

I haven't told her dad or my mother because they will only make fun of her. I remember what it was like to be an almost eleven-year-old girl with a crush on the boy who sat across the table from me. I also remember how uncool my mother was whenever the subject of boys came up. I now know it's because she hates men because my father was a "two-timing bastard" that abandoned us. It doesn't matter that she's the one who divorced him. Anyway, I vowed to not treat my own daughter like a leper just because she was interested in the opposite sex. It's a natural part of life to be attracted to the opposite sex. There's no need to make her feel ashamed about it. And, besides, he's ten years old, I can totally kick his butt.

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