Thursday, May 10, 2007

Days Gone By

I had a really good phone call with my best girlfriend J. this morning. We yammered on a bit about who we knew who passed the Colorado bar (a few people) and who we knew who had failed the bar (a surprisingly longer list of folks). J is gearing up to take her second bar exam (silly woman) and I was able to wish her well before we parted ways.

Whenever J.'s number pops up on the Caller ID, I always feel instantly remorseful. I TRY to be a good friend but kids, work, school, home improvement, and fatigue thwart me at every turn. Luckily, all of the women I consider friends are lawyers and they get it; they have children, husbands, and legal sh*t to tend to. Still, I wish I had more time to spend with them, sipping Cosmopolitans and Yellowtail, sharing bawdy jokes at Bunco, or waxing legalese like we used to do. But, the most depressing part is I haven't yet entered the practice of law and I'm already bloody tired of the rat race.

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