Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Calling In Reinforcements

I did it. I hired a summer nanny. It was actually pretty simple: scour craigslist for part-time sitter, e-mail to set-up interview and request references, check references, extend offer. Done! She seems like a lovely girl - she's only a high-schooler - and I am delighted to have someone to keep the children occupied while I work.

For awhile now, I've had (slight) working mother guilt pangs because whenever Olie wants to do a craft project or play a game or go to the pool, I shoo her away with a gentle (or sometimes not so gentle), not right now. I see the disappointment in her little face and I know its unfair of me. She's only six, it's 90+ degrees here and dammit she wants to go to the pool! All perfectly normal six year old behaviors but mommy has to - wants to - work.

I was really motivated to Find a Summer Nanny because of the the great comments from PT-LawMom and the inspiring working mother stories from Mommy Wars - in particular the bits about how much WAHMs valued their nanny - convinced me to Just Do It. So, I did. And she starts Friday, then three days per week after that for the remainder of the summer.


PT-LawMom said...

Aw, glad I could help. :) I think you and your kids will both be so much happier and the time you *can* spend together will be that much more meaningful!

Devra said...

When my mom was working on her dissertation she hired a housekeeper to hang out with me. I still have wonderful memories of spending time with both my mom and our housekeeper. I do not look back at it with any kind of resentment. I was about 3 when the housekeeper started working with our family. I think it really helped my mother feel far less guilty about how much she enjoyed working so this is why she continued to have the housekeeper when she finished her dissertation and began university teaching.

Congrats on the new nanny! Use her in good health! : )

LawSchoolMom said...

@devra: thank you. Your story is exactly the type of positive reinforcement I need right now.