Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not for the Faint of Heart

Potty training is serious business and it has been an onslaught of urine and feces from the very beginning. There are the puddles on the hardwood and the tell-tale, bow-legged poop walk. There is the penis tugging and leg crossing and running to the bathroom. Sometimes he makes it and sometimes I end up with pee down the front of my shirt.

The little red potty that I love so much has been forsaken; Bubba prefers the "big potty" and sits on it lazily, with only the slightest trepidation, legs akimbo. He's mastered the penis tuck and jiggle but his favorite part is flushing; he'll even steal your flush. But, I don't mind. Fun in the bathroom equates to heightened potty awareness. And, I know with every penis tug, pee puddle, and stolen flush, we creep that much closer to perfect pottying.

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