Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fun & Merriment at the Orthodontist

I know what you're thinking: fun and merriment at the orthodontist? Not bloody likely. It's true. Olie had an ortho evaluation today to assess whether some baby teeth might need to be removed to make room for her adult teeth. After waiting in the fun house that doubles as a waiting room, we were ushered into a room where eyelashes decorated the recessed lights and the Keen-wearing-orthodontist complemented Olie on her good hygiene and hippie attire (it's tie-dye or bust up in here).

Olie's appointment took all of ten minutes and she was handsomely rewarded with a wooden nickel for her good oral hygiene and for being on time to her appointment. She's only nine nickels away from a movie ticket, so she's jonesing to go back to the orthodontist. And, her big sis? She's jealous as hell and wishing she had crooked teeth.

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